Au Revoir Brussels

Our last day in Europe, at least for this year. It has been a very special time. The best for me was all the museums and art. And for Wayne the cultural events and cathedrals were the most memorable. We both now know that we prefer the cities over the preserved towns such as Toledo and Prague. While those towns have marvelous architecture and interesting arts, they exist mainly on the tourist trade. As such, they are almost like Disney World with tacky trinket shops. The cities like Vienna and Berlin have all the arts and architecture but are vibrant and economically independent of the tourist trade.
We had almost a full day in Brussels. The flight home was at 5:25pm. So we returned to the Beaux Arts, this time to see the Magritte wing. There are only a few of his works I enjoy and one of them was there, The Dominion of Light. Most of his work I find flat and lacking light in the color. The surrealism subjects are funny to consider but his work does not move me. I was surprised to see works of his from a period when he emulated the Impressionists. I was also surprised to learn that his friends titled all his work.
We were unable to see any of the great Art Nouveau architecture. The most notable buildings were closed on Monday and in the opposite direction of the Museums.
We are now in the Brussels Airport. It will be a 12 hour trip.

Manneken Pis


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