We are docked in Antwerp. Thus far we have managed to avoid the norovirus, and could go today to see the beautiful medieval city of Bruges, which is the primary reason we took the cruise. We were bussed there. Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the Middle Ages Bruges was among the wealthiest cities of Europe. When the city lost access to the sea, it also lost its shipping industry and money. This was a blessing for those of us today. Completely ignored over the centuries, the city was not modernized and maintained its original medieval structures. We walked with a guide through parts of the city, then took a canal cruise in an open boat. This was a great way to appreciate the architecture. It reminded me of Venice, but in a cleaner way.
We were on our own in the afternoon. Our immediate goal was beer and mussels, which we found within 5 minutes. I had mine with white wine, Wayne with garlic. The garlic version was better. The beer is higher in alcohol and also much tastier. As far as frites go, we can’t notice any difference from those at a good clam shack. The city is just beautiful. If you are curious, rent the movie In Bruges. Ignore the plot and acting. But marvel at the setting of Bruges.

Mussels from Brussels


One response to “Bruges

  1. carolynberlin

    Just now catching up on your posts and loved reading what you wrote about Rembrandt and Vermeer. Such wonderful photos, including the one above.
    Wish you wellness on board. Whatever happened to the loudmouth? Did he fall overboard?

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