Neeltje Jans

We had a nighttime cruise and arrived in Veere this morning. They got us on the busses early for Neeltje Jans to visit the Delta Works. This is the system employed to control the flooding in The Netherlands. It is an engineering marvel. I thought Oleg would enjoy this very much. In 1953 a Northwest storm came on from the North Sea and broke through the dykes in several places. There was an immediate flooding of the area. Then with each subsequent tide, more dyke was eroded and greater flooding took place. Immediate restoration was needed It was decided to build more substantial dyke systems. I can’t go into the details, but there are a series of dykes that are open until the surge demand a closure. This system protects the wetlands from dying with a permanent closure. We walked through part of the dyke and to the top of one pillar. The power of the water was similar to Niagara Falls. And the wind blew me backwards. Impressive. It took almost 5 years for the salt to dissipate from the reclaimed land.
On our return we could walk the town of Veere. There were late Gothic houses built around 1540. Lots of antique shops and a market place were there.


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