Kinderdijk and Rotterdam

There is an intestinal bug onboard. It’s not too widespread, but we will have no more buffets or open afternoon snacks. We have our fingers crossed to remain healthy because Bruges is in 2 days. The main purpose of this cruise is to see Bruges.
We are in Kinderdijk, home to more windmills than any other spot. It is a foggy morning which lends to the beauty; it is picturesque indeed! Last evening a local woman came onboard and explained the windmill, canal and land reclamation system. Today there are powered pumps to keep the reclaimed land (polders) dry. But it is mandated by law that the windmills remain in working order as backup emergency systems. People live in the windmills and the only charge is that they turn the windmill 60,000 times a year. We were able to tour an open mill. It’s tight living with 2 tiny rooms per floor. And steep ladders connect the 3 floors.
After Kenderdijk we sailed for Rotterdam. Here we had the choice to see Rotterdam on our own or take a tour to Delft and a Delft pottery shop. We chose to stick around Rotterdam. It’s very modern here. Rotterdam was mostly leveled in WWII. We wanted to see the Bruegels here. As it turns out, the museum was under renovation, but the 2 Bruegels and a Bosch were available for viewing.
Tonight we were entertained by traditional Dutch dancers. It was pretty boring. We left for the room after one dance.

Windmills Kinderdijk


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